Selfie Quadcopter

Instead of attaching your mobile phone to selfie stick then do your selfie, wouldn’t it be nice to open your (sorta) purse, fly your “little” quadcopter in less then 5 seconds, let it fly and find proper point to take a shot, have you photographed, then send the photograph using sort of wireless connection to your phone so you can review and save it?

In more fancy circumstances, the setup can be changed:

  • attach your phone to the quadcopter’s gimbal
  • control it using your watch

Well you get the point.

If you’ve watched agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, you’ve probably seen this as Leo Fitz’ small quadcopter to scan a place. It’d be like having personal photographer (who can do 360 degree maneuver) who always be around.

Update [May 10, 2015]

@wikupedia pointed that some cool folks have been built that already:

Here’s the video:

Update [May 17, 2015]

Apparently, here’s another take on selfie quadcopter:

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