Life Management App

There are lots of project management app, but I haven’t found any project management app that specifically built for the biggest project of one’s life: his/her life.

Life itself has many dimensions:

  1. Health
  2. Finance
  3. Family management / Things to-do
  4. Mental Growth
  5. Personal Growth
  6. Spiritual Growth
  7. Sleep / Rest
  8. etc

Some dimension have been handled by some apps really well but none has built for managing them all in one integrated place. There are two possibilities here:

  1. An app which handles every single dimension of the life
  2. An app for pulling all the data from various app and present the data nicely. So you can keep using Toshl for your finance, RunKeeper or Strava for your health, Wunderlist for managing to-dos, etc but all those data is pulled, merged, and presented on a birds’ eye view for you.

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