Dropbox Carousel to WordPress Media Library

Last year1 I got an idea of Instagram to (WordPress) media library integration. Months later, I ended up turned those idea into a working plugin: WP-IG.

About four months ago, I finally ditched iPhoto and move all of my photo library for a more seamless photo storing workflow: Dropbox + Carousel.

Now here’s the idea: it’d be great to be able to insert photo to WordPress post straight from your photo library (Dropbox Carousel), isn’t it? Different from WP-IG tho, the plugin shouldn’t import the media to WordPress library. New tab on the media uploader button would be enough.

There’re two possible implementation tho:

  1. The geekier implementation possibly how wp-ig implement its sync feature: install plugin, create new client app, paste secret and app ID, and so on.
  2. The more user friendly implementation is to have it built Jetpack / Stream like activation: using Sass support so all user have to do is install plugin, linked WordPress to the dropbox account, and that’s that.

  1. Wow, time flies 

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