Twitter Based Quora / Social Based QA App


  1. Everyone is expert at something.
  2. Most thing that requires immediate answer is tied to location.
  3. There’s this twitter phenomenon which works very well in Indonesia: pseudonym account which retweeting question and answer related to city’s related issue. e.g: @infobandung
  4. I imagine this as a better platform for city’s resident sharing q & a with other city resident.


  1. This focuses on a city only ((In Facebook’s early stage version, it was only available for Harvard only))
  2. The city is Bandung. Because I live here
  3. This has web interface located at, let’s say,
  4. This has twitter handle named @askbandung
  5. To work, this app will require @askbandung to be followed by lots of Bandung resident

Possible User Story

  1. User opens and immediately greeted with Natural Language Interface similar to this one.
  2. User fills the form, and has an option to ask anonymously. Asking will requires user to authenticate using s/he’s twitter account
  3. Upon submission, the question will be cross-posted to @askbandung account
  4. Anyone reply replied to @askbandung cross-posted tweet on Twitter will automatically appear on web interface

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