Family Management App

An app / platform for managing family’s stuffs: There are project management app but what’s more important project than family? Think of to-do list + calendar + photo / document cloud storage + group discussion / chat + timeline + finance tracking + health tracking + location tracking app + email inbox combined into one, available for your family. This can be an open source project (like WordPress) or Sass app. Assuming that this is going to be a Sass app, imagine this following story board:

  1. You’re purchasing the service + buying a domain name. Let’s say it’d be
  2. Creating username + account for your spouse and kids. Their username would automatically become an email address. Your kids now have digital identity which can be assessed by you.
  3. Your family now have centralized hub for to-do list, calendar, photo + cloud storage, group discussion, chat, timeline, finance tracking, location tracking, and email inbox.
  4. It’d be super cool too, if this comes with REST API so third party app (let’s say.. smart home devices or school report) can be integrated into this app / platform

As far as I can see, Apple’s iCloud with its Family sharing is the closest implementation to this idea.

Note: This ideas popped into my head when I’m seeing AprilZero’s sport section. I never interested in tracking my own fitness statistics but I do care about my family’s fitness / health statistics.

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