Instagram To Media Library

A plugin to make your published photo on Instagram available for your WordPress site.

Possible user stories:

1. Install plugin
2. Connect to Instagram
3. User click “Add Media”
4. New sub-menu titled “Instagram” under Create Gallery appears.
5. The rest is similar to adding photos

Or even better, the image is actually fetched to the existing media library. The sub menu is only a filter. This way, instagram photos can also be used for gallery and featured image.


  1. [2014/11/19] – Months after I published this idea, I wrote WP-IG: WordPress plugin which sync your Instagram account to your WordPress site. Syncing means the photo will be imported to your media library too.

2 responses on “Instagram To Media Library

  1. Once I read your idea to create a plugin to published photo on Instagram available for WordPress, I just remember this plugin, Unsplash plugin

    1. This idea was published months before that plugin appeared on the repo. There’s this theory I read years ago: when you think of something, another person is actually thinking or even building the same thing. Hence, I don’t really surprised with this šŸ™‚

      Anyway, months after publishing this idea, I made one myself, even more than providing Instagram images to media library. WP-IG is WordPress plugin I wrote to cross post every new photo published on my Instagram account. Cross posting the photo means importing it to the media library which can be used for future use, too šŸ˜€

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