Food Delivery, Pick Up, and Payment Platform

These are the possible user stories I had in mind:

# Pick Up
I’m about to go to office. Why can’t I tap some screens on my phone and notify my tukang bubur ayam langganan that I’ll arrive in 15 minutes to pick up my usual order?

# Delivery
I’m at the office. It’s raining or there is this deadline I have to accomplish. Click some screens on my desktop to notify my usual lunch place to deliver my usual order at the office.

# Top Up Food Budget
I sometimes forget to bring cash. Not to mention, I have certain amount of budget on Food. Order and pay via my top up account. Handy.

The “platform” provides solution for small and mid-size food business for pickup, delivery, and payment. Ah, for delivery, if you don’t have delivery courrier, you can affordably pay for monthly price + cost per for transaction for shared courier. The courrier is smartly routed using affordable android device.


Well, that was quite an idea.

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