Activity Archieve

In short: pretty much like Timehop, but with richer source and discoverabilty of data.

If I think about it, I..
– post to close friend on Path
– spit ideas on Twitter
– post photo on Instagram
– keep up with larger circle of friends on Facebook
– record expense on Toshl
– time track on Toggl
– play music on Deezer
– watch videos on YouTube
– track my movements using Moves
– read articles on Feedly and Pocket

Most of them have API. Why not fetching those stuffs and have a “rich” data journal of your own?

IMO, the closest existing product to this idea is Facebook but i don’t like the idea of Facebook having every single log of my activity. If possible, it would be great for this idea is implemented in old school way: all the log is stored locally.

Sometimes, all i want to say is: screw cloud, I don’t want to share these data to anyone.

Post anywhere, but archived in one place. Neat.


  1. [2014/11/19] – Thou shalt see April Zero. One of the closest thing to this idea, an the most good looking too.

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