For Organization

Initially, I label this idea as “ for School” since I work for an educational institution and we’re facing this log-in back here and there issue. As the time goes by, I think the idea can be used for any kind of institution.

The idea is simple: Why develop in-house expensive solution if there is cheaper Sass solution? The problem is in the login phase. Asking employee / students to remember dozens of credential will be a total headache. This will be more elegant way:

  1. Every individual under the organization, get this one “ for institution” account which is registered under their organization ID
  2. Institution subscribe to sass solution and register their organization ID
  3. Individual in the organization can directly login to the sass solution using their “ for institution” account in similar manner we log-in to third party app using Facebook / Twitter account.

A single and universally recognized identity under institution umbrella. It’ll be magical for corporate people, no?

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