There are lots of way for people to deliver their knowledge and create an “online course”. What’s missing though, is the evaluation tool: the tool for people to assess others’ knowledge.

It’s pretty much like PollDaddy, but built for education.

The premise is this simple:

Instead of handling students paper for examination, teacher can “go to this URL, sign in, and answer the questions there”

It’ll eliminate the chance of students’ paper to get lost.

More meta data can be saved and analyze, instead of the only answer input

Question can be delivered in form of multimedia. Students can answer in lots of forms too.

It’ll automagically collect and recap the students’ answer and provide teacher with a gradebook too.

In informal sense of learning, anyone can create a test, and anyone can try a test with a sole purpose of curiosity instead of getting a good grade. That’s the important essence of learning which has been lost in most formal education, i think. This particular tool can enable people to actually create their own course.

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