Online Crooks Database

In 2010, a crook almost succeeding in deceiving my family. Since then, an idea to have this kind “Online Crooks Database” popped up in my head. The idea is simple, to collect and distribute information about these crooks so people’s life can be more safe. I think it couldn’t be more simple than this (CMIIW):

  1. A site to display information
  2. Form to submit information about these crooks. This should be detail yet simple. A way to validate the submissions should be developed to
  3. A smart search bar. Enter any number such as phone number, bank account, etc, and get results.
  4. API so this information can be integrated into marketplace, mobile apps, etc.

Anyway, if you do a simple google search, you’ll find similar idea which has been executed. So far, they’ve been developed up to the third phase. These are some of them:

  3. Google search link.

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