Learning Map

Regardless the rise of MOOCs right now, there are already LOTS of educational contents available on the web. However, those contents are scattered all around the web. Wouldn’t it be nice, if fore example:

  1. I want to learn typography
  2. I come to this “learning map”
  3. There are this typography page, contributed by users, which consists of links to relevant sources.

That’s pretty much how it goes. It’s a curation of content, in regards of how to acquire certain knowledge. A bookmark of links with a goal to let people learn new things.

For Your Consideration

  1. As far as I know, Memrise is the closest product to this idea. However, its crowd-source platform produces a game-like learning experience
  2. I was trying out Khan Academy when I think of this. Its learning map which shows user the map of knowledge is super cool.
  3. Curriculum Kit, instead of Learning Map, sounds pretty good too.

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