Wedding Planner Management

Last week, my older sister got married and I realized how hard it was to keep wedding committee organized. FYI, we didn’t use wedding organizer (WO) but quite fortunate to have one of our auntie lead the committee. From those experience, I can identify couple of things to be organized in a wedding:

Before the D-day

  1. Selecting souvenir
  2. Managing invitation
  3. Keeping every committee member informed about the schedule
  4. The collective religious prayer ceremony which we all known as pengajian
  5. The cultural ceremony

On The D-Day

  1. Time, venue
  2. Security
  3. Who manages what
  4. Invitation
  5. Food / Catering
  6. Decoration
  7. Clothing
  8. Rundown / Schedule
  9. And so on and so forth. You know, I just try to make a point here.

Based on this realization of tons of details to be managed, I wonder why there’s no such thing as wedding planner software yet. You know, something like Basecamp, but focuses on managing one wedding event. It can be sold as B2B software (you sell it to the wedding organizer and they use it to increase the value of their service) or B2C software as a tester.

Anyhow, couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon wedding related web-based service such as merityuk (marketplace for wedding related product) and nikahnya (one page event, specifically weddingm site). I think this idea can be implemented by this kind of service. Instead of offering conventional marketplace, why not creating a value as wedding planner software first, then when user wants to fill particular field such as catering or venue, a recommendation-slash-ad appears. Sounds quite legit, isn’t it?

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