Evernote Snap

One thing that prevents me from using Evernote (on iOS): adding notes or snapping picture is just to slow for me. While Evernote’s latest iteration is great and make things easier, the steps for taking note is just too much:

  1. Take iPhone
  2. Unlock iPhone
  3. Open Evernote App
  4. Wait-For-ItTM
  5. Tap create new note
  6. Make a new note

Current Evernote App. Sweet, but faster experience would be better.

I don’t know about you, but the most frequent thing I do when there’s something I need to remember is:

  1. Take iPhone
  2. Swipe to open camera app
  3. Snap

Fast, right? I think it’d be awesome if Evernote could create that kind of experience. Create a separate app for picture / text / audio taking only, perhaps?

  1. Take iPhone
  2. Unlock
  3. Open this “snapping” app
  4. Snap

Done. What has been snapped is then sync-ed to Evernote.

Wouldn’t it be useful? Fast is always a feature.

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