Bucket List / Goal Reaching App

I think well written goals are more likely to be achieved than the “abstract” one. Sharing goals with “selected people” attracts serendipitous event which will help one to achieve those goals. A platform for facilitating these kind of interaction sounds like a good idea:

  1. Log in using your social account
  2. By default, everything you post is set to private
  3. Create your bucket list, what you want to achieve in life
  4. You can add relevant information which will help you to visualize and reach those goals
  5. You can group the list so you can share it with the “right people” easily
  6. When you finally able to reach some of those goals, you can mark it as done.

That’s it.


Apparently, an app with similar idea has been existed in the App Store: http://everest.com/. Unfortunately, it is iOS-centric (I was thinking mobile with web support stuff for this one, similar to Avocado) and has not been available in Indonesia yet.

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