Out Of The Blue

Some of the best ideas come out of the blue and you have to keep an open mind to see their virtue.

– Richard Branson

I think and wonder a lot. And during that moments, I usually have this-idea-sounds-good-feeling but I ended up doing nothing about it. I realized that I don’t have all resource and ability to work on every single idea which comes to my mind. Hence, instead of keeping and watch it dies in my mind, I’ll publish it and let it be available for everyone. You can use any ideas published here as you see fit, but it’ll be a real pleasure if you let me know that any idea published here triggers you to do something bigger than a mere idea.

Ideas are easy, execution is hard

Most ideas published here revolve around tech (since I am currently working on that field) even though I don’t want to limit any idea comes to my mind to that field only. Expect to see rough sketches, mere ideas, simple description of imaginary things, dozens of What Ifs, or anything comes to my mind in this site.

Have a nice day. I hope you enjoy your visit here.


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